CTRL Terre

09.11 – 16.11.2023

Throughout November, mudac will present a series of events looking at technology in the face of climate change.

Lecture by artist Joanie Lemercier and Juliette Bibasse

Thu 09.11.2023

Featuring Joanie Lemercier, visual artist and climate activist, and Juliette Bibasse, independent curator and co-director of the studio.
Much of Joannie Lemercier’s studio practice is inspired by nature and reflects the representation of the natural world through mathematics, science and technology. Abstract environments rendered in refined grids, lines, shadows and volumes give way to majestic landscapes assembled from these same minimalist forms.


Slow Violence
© Studio Joanie Lemercier

Lancement de l'installation View from the Moon

Thu 09.11.2023

Facing the mudac, on the façade of the MCBA, the viewer sees the luminous silhouette of a star. The image seems familiar: a perfect sphere, it must be the moon. And yet, he discovers details of craters, irregularities made of fine shadows and reliefs, he recognizes the contours of continents, seas and oceans that are also familiar to him. What remains are traces of disasters, the monochrome revealing the absence of an atmosphere and the disappearance of oceans. The projection will run until November 30.

View from the Moon, Studio Joanie Lemercier
©SIGNAL, 2021, Dušan Vondra

Potential Cartography workshop with the Terra Forma project

Sun 12.11.2023

Terra Forma explores our own planet as a terra incognita, reinterpreting traditional cartography to offer a new perspective on our home environment. Using concepts from the Earth sciences and contemporary ecology, Terra Forma invites political reflection on issues such as erosion, resource depletion and accelerated urbanisation. Axelle Grégoire, one of the authors of Terra Forma, will offer a cartography workshop to rethink the representation of the Lausanne basin using these new cartographic tools.

World Game workshop with Fragmentin

Thu 16.11.2023

How far are we prepared to go to optimise the management of the entire planet ? Fragmentin’s G80 installation speculates on a global management system for planetary problems by bringing together different types of intelligence around a control console. The presentation of the installation will be followed by an introduction to the history and ambitions of total design and a workshop/debate. A web interface has been created for the occasion, containing the fundamental variables of the work, but also allowing new ones to be added and the surface to be extended.

G80, Fragmentin
© Andrew Meredith / mudac