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Vue de l'exposition En verre et contre tout

Ettore Sottsass et Pierre Charpin: Challenge Defying Glass Design


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In the wake of its Post Mortem show featuring funerary urns by ten creators, and the succeeding In vino veritas presentation by Matali Crasset, mudac pursues its fascination with designer glass editions by showcasing the work of Ettore Sottsass and Pierre Charpin.

A major figure on the design scene, Ettore Sottsass, who passed away in 2007, founded the Memphis Group in 1981, earning international acclaim for his innovative take on linking architecture with design. Seeking to redefine shapes and spaces, he granted pride of place to light and colour. Holding a degree in the visual arts, Pierre Charpin was initially drawn to conceptual and minimal art. However, in the early 1990s he began undertaking more concrete design projects. His discovery of Memphis inspired him to work in more of a sensual than structural vein.

The body of works in this show stems from the Marseilles CIRVA (International Center for Glass and Visual Arts Research) Collection – an institution that encouraged both designers to develop a more experimental approach to their creative production.