Extraordinary !

05.03 – 05.03.2024

Last exhibition of the mudac at the Maison Gaudard before its move to Plateforme 10, the new arts district near the Lausanne train station.

The spirits of the house

The objects are displayed theatrically in a cardboard décor. Among them drift the spirits that inhabit the house – visitors can catch a glimpse of these stealthy beings in the various rooms, read what they have to say in the exhibition programme and, in some corners of the museum, hear the sounds they make.

Amélie Bannwart
Marco Costantini
Claire Favre Maxwell
Carole Guinard
Susanne Hilpert Stuber
Chantal Prod’Hom


Sébastien Guenot

Julius Bär
Ville de Lausanne
Amis du mudac
Loterie romande
Retraites populaires
Fondation Jan Michalski pour l’écriture et la littérature
Fondation Sandoz
Payot Lausanne
Palace Groupe Barec