Wooden Slate Chair, 2008

wood and metal
42 × 46 × 88 cm
Date of acquisition

Boris Dennler is a self-taught Swiss designer who studied interior design independently. In 2004 he opened his own studio, Borislab, in Fribourg. The majority of his projects focus on furniture and lighting, frequently using recycled materials which contribute to the playful and experimental character of his creations. It is also an environmental commitment that guides this choice.

Among his most eloquent creations is his Radiator Chair series, initiated in 2006, made of recycled radiators, folded and welded by hand.

Wooden Slate Chair, a unique piece, is a continuation of Woodenheap (2011), a piece of furniture with drawers, one of which is now comfortably displayed in the permanent collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. When viewed from the side, the wooden slats that make up the piece function as pixels that represent an archetypal chair silhouette. When viewed from the front, an entirely different image emerges. The horizontal lines give an impression of heaviness. Although it looks rough and stiff, the chair is the result of a certain technology: the slats of the seat are mounted on silicone shock absorbers that enable them to move for guaranteed comfort.