Silver City Mar Mikhael, 2017

certified fine silver and precious stones
35 × 40 × 30 cm
Date of acquisition
jewellery display

Following the explosions of 4 August 2020 that destroyed several areas of Beirut, the French auction house Piasa organised From Beirut Art + Design Scene, the proceeds of which were dedicated to the reconstruction of the city and the support of its art scene.

Amongst more than a hundred works by artists from Lebanon and the Far East, mudac acquired a creation by designer Carlo Massoud. This jewellery display, a unique piece made in Annaratone jewellery workshop (Valencia, Italy), is directly inspired by the Mar Mikhaël district, where the artist lives and which, due to its location opposite the port where the explosions took place, was seriously affected. This piece has become a moving symbol of this.

Product and interior designer Massoud was born in 1984 in Beirut. He studied at the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA) in Beirut and obtained his MA in Industrial Design in 2008. He obtained an MA in Luxury and Crafts at ECAL, University of Art and Design Lausanne in 2010. One of the specificities of Massoud’s approach is to transform his political and cultural ideas into practical objects that are often provocative in appearance, often combining technology with craftsmanship. Each of his projects, like Silver City Mar Mikhael, tells a story in order to go beyond the simple functional use of the object.