Mat Cylinder with Floating Sun, 2015

Glass art
hand-blown solid glass
12 x 17 cm
Date of acquisition

A sun floating in cloudy mist or a fried egg? With her circular sculptures, Danish artist Tora Urup plays with material and colour in our perception of form. The polished aspect of the top of the work and the frosted aspect of its perimeter, as well as the variation in the thickness of the glass, lead to new spatial perception and seem to make the internal coloured inclusions levitate. Trompe-l’oeil, illusion, the artist’s works constantly question what we really see. She plays with glass and uses it in all its forms to create visual poetry that enchants young and old.

The Scandinavian artist is recognised as a major contemporary glass artist and began her career in ceramics both in Japan and Denmark where she also studied glass at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Her works are exhibited all over the world, from New York to Paris, Tokyo and London. mudac owns one of the five limited editions of Mat Cylinder with Floating Sun.