blown and partially sandblasted glass
42 x 20 cm
Date of acquisition
Technical author
CIAV - Centre international d'Art Verrier

Atelier BL119 offers an ingenious and clever table lamp. Made of blown glass, one of the globes is sandblasted, making the material a little more opaque and thus allowing its user to shade the intensity of the light at will by rotating one of the parts. Entitled Lantern, this piece by design duo Grégory Blain and Hervé Dixneuf was created at the CIAV, the International Centre for Glass Art in Meisenthal in the Vosges region of France. These designers enjoy inventing new uses, revisiting the shape of objects and experimenting with materials. The underlying idea of their projects is to change our expected perception of things and to disrupt our domestic universe.

The idea for this simple, aesthetic and functional object was born while researching glass at the CIAV. “By using materials and techniques related to the art of glassmaking, Lantern goes to the essential and does not resort to any artifice”, explain the members of Atelier BL 119.