argent, polyester, émail
10 x 8 x 9 cm
swiss government’s collection on deposit at mudac

Sonia Morel was born in Switzerland in 1968 and lives in Lausanne. She studied at the École supérieure d’arts appliqués de Genève (now HEAD-Genève). A student of, then assistant to Esther Brinkmann, she has developed a theme that she has tirelessly pursued since her studies: the line.

Using silver or polyester threads that she winds, entangles, ties or knots, she creates volumes, spidery nests or stacked cocoons. With great freedom she plays with this Ariadne’s thread, which could be restrictive. She adds pearls, semi-precious stones or, as here, enamelled silver plates that appeal to the eye with their subtle colours. Time is embodied in this jewel, the making of which requires infinite patience and masterful technique. The preciousness of the jewel, like a luxury item from another era, lies in these hours of meticulous work