Billes Kosmosphaera, 2016

Glass art
solid glass, hand-worked without moulds, coloured glass.
20.5-22.5 cm in diameter
Date of acquisition
Technical author
Gonet Matteo

Harking back to the world of childhood, these large-size, solid glass marbles are an ode to the memories and nostalgia of our games in the schoolyard. Produced as part of a project for the MOBILAB Gallery, the Kosmosphaera marbles were imagined by designers Jodoc Elmiger and Valérie Jacquemet and designed by glass artist Matteo Gonet. The Swiss trio has made a name for itself with these playful and remarkably well executed multicoloured pieces.

The works are made in Basel, in Matteo Gonet’s workshop. A real technical challenge, the material is worked by hand and without a mould. Each marble is therefore unique. In the centre, the glass inclusions coloured by various metallic oxides are covered with seven successive layers of transparent molten glass. Each piece then requires an average of one week of gradual cooling. mudac has five large-size marbles, the colours of which we were able to define before they were made using a colour chart that is also part of the collection of contemporary glass art.

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