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Past activity

Round table : Private Arms, Government arms

17.05.2018 - 18:00


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Where does the right to a weapon stop, where does the dominance of weapons begin? What are the values, where are the interests? What are the consequences when the state collapses?


  • Katarzyna Grabska, social anthropologist, specialist in power relations, gender and generations in conflict situations, civil wars, exile and displacement. Senior Researcher at the Global Migration Centre in Geneva and Assistant Professor at the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, The Netherlands.
  • Robin Udry, Secretary General of PROTELL, Swiss Society for Liberal Law on Weapons
  • Other speakers: more information coming soon

Moderator: Matthias Bruggmann, photographer, winner of the second Elysée Prize for a project on Syria.

In French, no translation.


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