The project by Portuguese architects Francisco and Manuel Aires Mateus brings together two museums in a single building: mudac and Photo Elysée.

Strong, coherent and bright architecture

This architectural work is characterised by a wide gap which separates mudac, in the upper part, from Photo Elysée, the base of the building. Each part has its own place, unified by a reception and meeting space – an extension of the public esplanade. The bright opening, a feat of engineering in itself, signals to the public the common entrance.

In a single volume, this project brings together the duality and complementarity of the two museums in a synthetic manner, particularly through the treatment of light. Whether it is zenithal and uniform for mudac, or lateral and punctual for Photo Elysée, the light reinforces the identity of each of the museums.

Outstanding halls

The museum has nearly 1,500 m2 of space for all its temporary or semi-permanent exhibitions. As for the cultural outreach area, set up in the heart of the exhibition rooms, it covers 89 m2.

The doubling of mudac’s exhibition halls makes it possible to carry out large-scale projects. The enhancement of its collections in dynamic, evolving and innovative modes of presentation allows the creation of outreach projects aimed at different groups.

In addition, a space dedicated to small, specific projects can be activated as required, thus responding to current events or echoing an exhibition at the MCBA or Photo Elysée. Lastly, the plateau of mudac’s halls makes it possible to present one or more exhibitions simultaneously.

Vue de l'installation "Déballage" de Christian Marclay, espaces du mudac à Plateforme 10, novembre 2021 © Christian Marclay. Photo © William Gammuto Sàrl

Set in resonance with the Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts (MCBA), this spectacular building creates a new public space on the esplanade which is destined to become a thriving place.

The Cantonal Museum and Botanical Gardens, in partnership with the services of the City of Lausanne, are creating an educational trail to the west, on the greenway, highlighting the biodiversity of urban vegetation.

Opposite the MCBA, fourteen arcades host cultural, creative and educational activities as well as a terrace and a café.

Vue aérienne_P10

The mudac-Photo Elysée building’s construction partners

The buildings making up Plateforme 10 were constructed through the support of the Canton of Vaud, the City of Lausanne, and the following private partners, who have our warm thanks:

Loterie Romande
Fondation Leenaards
Fondation Anita et Werner Damm-Etienne
Fondation Les Mûrons
Audemars Piguet
Fondation Philanthropique Famille Sandoz
Fondation SHW (Sylvia Waddilove)
Fondation Ernst Göhner
Mobilière Suisse Société Coopérative
Sicpa S.A.