Olivier Mosset and Xavier Veilhan win the Artistic Intervention at PLATEFORME 10


The “Crocodile”, a legendary swiss locomotive brought back to life by Olivier Mosset and Xavier Veilhan.

In the competition for artistic intervention on the state buildings of PLATEFORME 10, the jury awarded the prize to the artists Olivier Mosset (CH) and Xavier Veilhan (F) for their “Crocodile” project, a monumental painted metal sculpture inspired by the legendary locomotive.

The ten jury members met for two days and examined 16 projects for the selective tender competition for the production of an artistic intervention on the PLATEFORME 10 site. With a budget of 567’000 francs (for the competition organisation and the production of the artistic intervention), the competition was overseen by the State of Vaud department of buildings, heritage and logistics (SIPaL).

Following its deliberations, the almost unanimous jury named the Crocodile project, by artists Olivier Mosset and Xavier Veilhan, a monumental painted metal sculpture inspired directly by the iconic appearance of the locomotive “Ce 6/8II”, nicknamed Crocodile for its distinctive shape and color. The sculpture was the result of the combined efforts of the two artists who had never worked together before. When they discovered that they had both been chosen to take part in the competition, they decided to join forces to propose a single project based on a hybrid version of each of their formal vocabularies and a common interest in mechanical objects.

The balance between art and architecture and between a reminder of the industrial era and an animal that is both familiar and almost prehistoric makes the sculpture iconic. To reinforce its expressive power, the artists propose to make it on a 1-to-1 scale in cast aluminium and sheet metalwork, painted in a dark green satin finish.

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Link to the jury’s report (in French)