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Photophore Glowessence – Diamonds are forever



Un photophore pour mettre en lumière votre intérieur? A disposition au shop du mudac: « Diamonds are forever »

Edition Glowessence,

Design: Sonia Biétry et Yves Morel

Crédit photo: Yves Morel

About Glowessence
When we first started to imagine Glowessence, we were looking for something that could bring emotions « to the table » if we may say so. We wanted to be inclusive and share a universal message. Slowly the idea of the candleholder came to the surface and having a soft and warm candlelight deliver that message became obvious. The glow of the light brings out the essence of who we are: Glowessence was born.

We decided to combine our design skills with technological know-how to develop a product that looks simple – very much inspired by Scandinavian design in that approach – while integrating some fine details.

Glowessence is manufactured using small and medium size companies based in the region of the Jura mountains in France and Switzerland. Our aim is to work with professionals who have a strong know-how in their respective fields to be able to deliver a high-quality product.

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