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Nitz & Schieck

Bague Solitär « Nitz & Schieck »


CHF 40.- / CHF 70.- / CHF 100.-

Bague Solitär, imprimée en 3D de Nitz & Schieck

Couleur (noir, jaune, orange, vert, rose, violet ou bleu): CHF 40.-

Acier inox: CHF 70.- (actuellement non disponible)

Plaquée or: CHF 100.- (actuellement non disponible)

Our Solitaire collection is an approach to combine traditional hand-crafting techniques with modern methods of production. Using 3D printing technology, we started with the creation of a ring, the shape of which reminds of a classic ring holding a precious stone – a solitaire.

We defined the dimensions of the gem with the help of geometric struts which also represent the facets of the stone. Whether in stainless steel, nylon or sterling silver, Solitaire embodies strength and elegance at the same time.

We applied this concept to different pieces of jewelry and added laser cut material to some of them. Who needs a diamond anyway?

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