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Past exhibition

Affiche de l'exposition Tiborocity


Design & Undesign by Tibor Kalman, 1979-1999


Tiborocity: Design & Undesign by Tibor Kalman, 1979-1999 is an invitation to enter an imaginary world, populated by creations and passions of the designer Tibor Kalman. Dubbed the enfant terrible of design, he conceived an exhibition at the end of his life, a sort of mythical city in which he defines numerous spaces drawn from the urban environment: a bazaar, a cafe, a classroom, a public park, a museum, a music store, and even a prison. Each place presents objects or images made by Kalman. There are also all sorts of elements representative of “undesign”, popular or vernacular design, collected by him. The exhibition ends with the space of the future, a place where Kalman wanted to show his unwavering optimism, even toward the disease that would eventually carry him off in 1999