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Affiche de l'exposition simply droog

simply droog

10 + 1 years of creating innovation and discussion


irst presented in Munich, the exhibition simply droog traces the eleven years of existence of Droog Design, a designers’ collective based in Amsterdam. The exhibition consists of ten sectors, divided up between two design museums that have frequently collaborated in the past: the mudac in Lausanne and the Bellerive Museum in Zurich.

More than 100 objects by the most prominent designers of the moment are presented. The products are not displayed chronologically but grouped in “islands”, spaces laid out by the Jurgen Bey Studio. The Dutch name Droog comes from the English “dry”, associated in the mind of these Dutch creators with a biting, sarcastic sense of humour. More than a brand, Droog is a mindset which assimilates concepts of function, immediacy of form, pleasure, criticism of our treatment of the environment and an intellectual attitude. A kind of declaration about design shared by this collective of creative people, Droog offers a shifting commentary on our cultural and sociological references