Pierre Charpin. Amidst the Vases
Carte blanche to Pierre Charpin

04.03 – 01.06.2009

Trained in the plastic arts, Pierre Charpin is taking over premises at the mudac during a carte blanche exhibition offering a panoramic view of his work. The exhibition is an invitation to travel into the very heart of his creative work, in which furniture, objects, materials, colours and proposals provide evidence of his curiosity, his sense of humour, his play on words, and the extraordinary finesse and precision of his products.

The designer’s work is characterised by a constant concern with form, aimed at rigour and the essential, while allowing free rein to the expressive interplay of materials, colours and possible uses. An original scenography created by the designer presents an emblematic selection of objects from different periods in combination with short animation films made especially for the mudac.