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Past exhibition

Constantin Boym

America: Constantin Boym

Carte blanche to Constantin Boym


“America” is the first one-man exhibition devoted to and produced by Constantin Boym. Born in Russia, but having emigrated to the USA in the 1980s, this unusual designer has made America his prime source of inspiration. Far from basing himself on common stereotypes, Boym extracts from everyday objects whatever it is that comprises the essence, the specificity of American culture, utilising, diverting or extending its meaning.

Also deeply preoccupied by the concept of memory, he developed his Buildings of Disaster series – in which he presents reproductions of monuments associated with a tragedy, such as the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, Chernobyl or the Tunnel de l’Alma – well before 11 September 2001. Constantin Boym’s work is likewise linked to the world of childhood, as his installations reveal: these have included display cases for Hermès made up of modular puzzle pieces and showrooms for Vitra in which the visitor is invited to participate in various games in order to find the company’s latest products. The carte blanche extended to him by the mudac provides an opportunity for the general public to discover this designer of the everyday who, in this exhibition, presents his own personal journey across American culture.