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Identité visuelle de Plateforme10

Pôle muséal becomes Plateforme10

By Marie-Laure 7 June 2016

A new identity for a project taking shape: Pôle muséal becomes Plateforme10. It symbolizes the future cultural platform that will bring together fine arts, design and photography next to the train station. The figure 10 refers to Lausanne Station’s nine current platforms. Construction-wise, the advent of this new identity represents the stage where the old buildings have disappeared, leaving only the historical nave that will become part of the mcb-a.

Designed by Régis Tosetti, graphic designer and artistic director (and ECAL graduate) who has worked for various international companies, in collaboration with Simon Palmieri, a graphic designer who graduated from the Haute Ecole de design de Bâle, Plateforme10 provides a connection to the past and the vicinity of the train station. The logo is inspired by the railway turntable that used to turn the locomotives.

Progress can be followed via a new site which offers an overview of the work in progress like a virtual window onto the construction site. This virtual platform, a link between the institutions, will gradually be enriched with the new developments of Plateforme10 during its construction phase.