Message Well

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Another type of exchange lies at the heart of the relationship with certain springs, namely language. A profoundly physical experience that engages both body and mind, that conveys hope or a request to the waters by way of the spoken, written or sometimes even sketched word. Once again, there is no strict protocol or restrictive liturgy, simply the act of speaking or writing transmitted directly to the prodigious waters. The second device takes this act of speech literally. The water, which here is in fact ink, is charged by contact with the stone, the mineral convector, before slipping inside the body of a giant borosilicate pen. As the water flows down into the tube, the author writes his message in the fountain. Only he knows what he’s writing, but the message, returned to the water cycle, will surely come out to the world.

Felipe Ribon, Sainte-Colombe, Message Well, 2024
Borosilicate glass, rock
Produced by  Jean Michel Wierniezky
Dimensions: D 170 x H 1280 mm
Mudac Collection, Lausanne

Alpine stone basin
Produced by Panetti Marmi
Dimensions: L 1000 x W 600 x H 4 mm
Mudac Collection, Lausanne

How to use

  1. Fill the jug with miraculous water
  2. Make a wish
  3. Load the water by pouring it onto the stone
  4. Write your wish with the prodigious water in the basin