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From the DO Cut-Ceramic series, 2012

Ami Drach & Dov Ganchrow

The designers Ami Drach (1963-2012) and Dov Ganchrow (b. 1970) set up their studio in Tel Aviv in 1996.  The varied range of their approach when they work on industrial projects, furniture, lights, the development and design of medical apparatus, indoor architecture, and exhibition design enables them to explore new directions and new aesthetics.  Their activities also involve an ongoing dialogue between studio projects and university teaching – both of them having taught at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

From the DO Cut-Ceramic series is the outcome of a collaboration between the designers and the ceramicist Irit Abba.  The result is crockery without its primary quality, that of containing.  Each object—teapot, cup, sugar bowl, milk jug—has been cast in ceramic and then cut in such a way as to present a version reduced to the second dimension.  This cross-section thus displays the technical aspects of the way things are made:  thickness of surfaces and sides, arrangement of the parts and details of structures.  It also shows the initial concept of the design, the section being in a way the equivalent of the architect’s plan.